I first came across this innovative product about Eight years ago now. I fitted several fixed panels in 1m x 4m sizes to strategic positions in a new restaurant. On this occasion I was employed by the Interior Designer to do the fit out on their behalf and when I had finished I was amazed at how good this product looked. It hung from ceiling mounted velcro rail, all the way to floor level and acted to guide customers to where they were seated, also offering a little bit of privacy between tables with out the need for a solid structure.

After several enquiries I managed to source the product myself and realised that it had great potential for use as a room divider, wall softener or even a window dressing solution. It is available with all standard curtain headings including eyelets and comes in an array of Colours to suit most tastes.

In my opinion the best use is in conjuction with a wave rail on a large expanse of window that requires a contempory look without the need for total privacy. The first time I tried this was on my own French doors at home and without exception everyone who walks in passes a comment and inevitably it is a very positive one.

Here at Lymm Shutters and Blinds, we strongly endorse this innovative product so go on, give us a call. You know you want to.

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  • Tony

    I came across these in Japan, where they’re used as a divider in the kitchen / lounge of small apartments. Yes indeed, they are an excellent idea, they allow light to pass through, and look very stylish.