If I was asked this question 24 months ago, my reply would be like most others, Yellow pages, local press and a self made Website. These avenues worked well for many years but my word, how things have changed. With the explosion in Smart Phones, Tablets etc and the development of social media way beyond Facebook for Friends and Family, Marketing has become a whole new ball game.

My first dabble was with Twitter, mainly for some good banter about Football, Music and the usual Pub talk. Slowly but surely I became more aware of its possibilities as a Marketing tool for my business. With this in mind I had a 1-2-1 session with a local Social Media Guru based in Altrincham and came away with some great ideas and the tools with which to implement them. From that moment on I have been a great believer in the endless possibilities contained within Social Media. This has peaked in the last fortnight with me obtaining 2 fantastic orders that I would never have stumbled across without the use of Twitter.

On top of this, I now have what I believe to be a pretty good Website, I hope you all agree, and the combination of these tools running side by side has without doubt enhanced my business no end and given me the belief that I can continue to grow this business throughout these tough economic times.

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  • Good words Neil. As you know I’m at that starting point with Twitter etc, so your comments are very encouraging.

    All the best,