Go on, be honest with yourself and consider when it was that you last received a call from a potential customer because a happy Client had recommended you. I do hope you can recall this happening because if you can’t then you really should ask yourself WHY?

Doing what we do, supplying and installing Blinds, Curtains etc, we sit in the middle of both providing a service and a product. And we are more aware than ever of the importance of excelling at both. Our customers come to us as they know they will get looked after from start to finish, the product quality is consistently high, and the installation is carried out in such a way that they know that they can just relax and leave us to it.

As a result, a high percentage of our new custom is from a direct recommendation. The most recent being from a Lady in Lymm, Lisa Dean, who found us through our website and went on to order a full house of Woodslat Blinds on Tapes. Within a week of Lisa’s first Home Consultation, she had passed on our contact details to 2 people, 1 being her Sister in Law, who was in the process of a Home Refurb, the other being a client at Lisa’s Hair Salon. This impressed us greatly as Lisa had not even received the product yet proving that people really do buy off people that they like and trust, not based on price or product.

It goes without saying that when the Blinds were ready for installing, Lisa felt at ease enough to leave me alone in the House to complete the job whilst She and Mr Dean were both out at work. I even took photos along the way, at Lisa’s request, and sent them to her so that she could see how the job was progressing. They were both delighted with the Blinds and have kept in touch since, and Lisa kindly recommends us when ever possible, safe in the knowledge that our service and product are second to none.


If not can your business really succeed?

I would love to hear your similar stories if you have any.

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  • Great blog Neil, and just re-enforces what I was chatting about last night, referral as well as being free advertising (and who doesnt like a bit of free advertising) it is also the best available. You cant beat a personal recommendation!

    I need to read more small business blogs like this, hopefully it will encourage me to blog a bit more frequently 🙂

  • Lisa dean

    Hi Neil, yes very good blog, I too can relate to this in my job.. I love a good recommend, and love to use local resources! Nothing better that knowing its on your doorstep!.

    As far as the blinds are concerned they continue to look great, I’ve had many comments about them.

    As far as service is concerned, I feel like your my personal
    Interior designer!

    Many thanks!

  • Love this blog Neil.

    The majority of my work is through word of mouth referrals from current/past pupils split with social media+business events.

    Just being yourself and being genuine makes the world of difference and the referrals will keep rolling in!!!

    People like doing business with those they know and trust-FACT!