As a trade, curtain fitting is often overlooked by various construction bodies, and I’ve often wondered why? Look in your local advertisement brochure or search on line and you may be unlucky. Need a Plumber, Electrician or a Joiner and there are endless ones listed.

Is it because it’s one of those jobs that most DIY enthusiasts think they can take on and complete? I really don’t know but what I would say is that after 25 yrs in the ‘trade’ I consider myself to be an expert. Also, when I look at a pair of curtains in a Hotel, Pub or someone’s home, I can immediately tell whether they have been fitted professionally or not.

You may ask HOW?

Quite simply it’s the little things that count. The Rail or Pole that they’re hanging from, how the Pleats are ‘dressed’ as we say, and placed in the tie backs really does make a huge difference.

When I finish any installation, the curtains are pleated and held in place by 2 strips of plastic, 1 high, 1 lower on each curtain and left in place for 24hrs on my advice. That action alone creates an unbelievable difference to the finished look.

I drive my Wife crazy when we visit a nice restaurant as I can be found checking out the curtains and if the opportunity arises, fumbling for labels of the manufacturer to see if they’re known to me.

So if your considering purchasing some new curtains then please consult an expert to advise on what’s available to you and supply you with the correct hardware for your usage, and please have them fitted professionally, you’ll be glad that you did.

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