Where do I start??

Today, Lymm Shutters and Blinds have been made to look a fool by a Multi National distributor of Plantation Shutters, who for now, shall remain nameless.

Having placed an order with them back in July, they helped themselves to payment in full as I am Pro Forma, and then failed to place my order!! This only became apparent because as we approached the due date I sent an email to request an update on the expected delivery time only to be told, oops, sorry, we forgot to place the order!!

I immediately contacted my customer to inform them of the situation and luckily they were quite understanding but asked if there was anything that could be done to speed up delivery, if we continued with the order?

Knowing that airfreight is always an expensive option, I was hopeful that as a company of their size and economic strength would swallow the expense and deliver the goods within a few weeks. Oh no, we cant do that, it isn’t an option, you shall have to wait a further 10 weeks (normal lead time)

To say I was a little upset would be an understatement.

I have cancelled the order and my account and have spoken with another distributor, S-Craft, who were ever so helpful and I hope to place this order with them very soon, if my customer agrees. Other than that, I shall return their deposit in full ASAP and walk away with my tail between my legs. Thank You Shutter guys in Belfast!!

Rant over, although I shall name them very soon.

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  • An unfortunate side of any business is that we all have suppliers who we hope we can rely on and help us to take our business forward.
    When they let us down it hurts twice. First because we trusted them, and second when we have to tell our clients.