Have you ever walked into a room and although the air temperature was pleasant, the room still felt cold or vice versa. This can be attributed to the use of colour, either warm or cold.

Warm colours can actually excite and stimulate our emotions or even create a feeling of anger or violence. The neutral colours of Black and Brown can also evoke the same emotional response.

In nature, the warm colours of Reds, Oranges or Yellows can represent the changes of seasons or the eruption of a Volcano. How do you feel when staring out at the lovely glow of a Summers evening Sunset?

Warm colours can visually overpower there Cooler counterparts, even when used in equal quantities. This should be considered before deciding what colour to use on your walls, floors, curtains or blinds. Like wise, the combination of various colours in a room should be well thought out so as not to clash, but live in harmony side by side.

Gender can alter your opinion of certain colours. We all know that Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys. It isnt quite that simple though as different tones of various colours can appeal more to one gender that the other. A pale powder Blue may appeal to someone who equally dislikes a dark Navy Blue. Male favourites are traditionally Blue, Green and Black, however the colours men like for themselves are not necessarily what they would find attractive on a women.

So, when your next considering a new colour scheme at home, be it walls, Curtains, Blinds or Shutters, I hope I have convinced you to give it some thought or contact Neil at Lymm, Shutters and Blinds for some free impartial advice.

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