Great question, and when you analyse this and are true to yourself, you really hope that you are looking after them as you would like to be looked after yourself.

Initial enquiry

By phone or email, you must appear knowledgeable, enthusiastic and trustworthy otherwise they aren’t going to contact you again. Personally I do try to get on first name terms as quickly as possible as I prefer to be called by the Christian name I was given and I have found over time that this works for me on the whole.


If you say that you will do something by this evening, guess what, they expect you to do it just as I would, be it a price, a sample or further information. So don’t let your customer down and give them a reason to look elsewhere.


They have called in the experts because they need advice on what to have, use etc. So don’t be too scared to offer it. In my field, I simply put myself in their position and look at the job as though it was my home and advise accordingly.


Every step of the way, I inform my customers of each hurdle passed as the order progresses. Order placed, expected delivery time, any hiccups along the way such as Fabrics out of stock, then again, I inform the customer straight away and if you have built any kind of relationship then it will be accepted.

Job Completion

As our business requires internal access to people’s homes and the use of tools, great care is taken to treat their home with respect and care. Any mess made is cleaned up or tidied away immediately. Even the removal of footwear or the use of overshoes to protect Carpets is a simple but effective way of getting the customer to trust and ultimately recommend you to their network of Friends & Family.

I follow the above without fail and always have. On the back of this I am getting a consistent supply of new customers sent my way just for being me. How simple is that. Do the same and watch your Business grow.

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