Lymm Shutters, Blinds & Curtains have just completed their latest install of Plantation Shutters in Altrincham to great effect. After removing all collected rubbish and the removed old Venetian Blinds from site, as we always do, we sought out the customer to ensure that she was happy. She was so happy that she ordered 3 more Plantation Shutter sets to 2 more rooms on the middle floor!

Neil had first visited the Lady in question, on a Sunday, back in April as requested because the customer wanted something different at the Windows. Plantation Shutters were mentioned and samples were shown along with explaining the versatility of Plantation Shutters with a Mid Rail used to offer more privacy but without killing to  much Light. The Lady in Altrincham was delighted with the advice and placed an order for 6 Plantation Shutter sets.

We are sure that the more Plantation Shutter jobs that Lymm Shutters, Blinds & Curtains fit in Altrincham then the more enquiries we shall receive from the Altrincham area, as inevitably, Friends and Neighbours see how great they look and ask the question ‘Who did your Plantation Shutters‘?

So, our continued growth in the Plantation Shutter market in Altrincham and the surrounding areas continues to grow.

If you would like more info on Plantation Shutters, please let us know.

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